Soft Skills- Office Procedure
Soft Skills- Office Procedure
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In this course, students will learn how to handle mail and telephone calls, file information, and plan business trips. Students learn what office equipment they should know how to use and how to maintain office supply needs. How to communicate effectively, be a team player, and encourage cooperation when they do not have formal authority over others is also covered. The importance of projecting a professional image, dressing professionally, and practicing effective conflict resolution when dealing with difficult people is covered.  Students will also learn how to make office politics a positive tool, build strong business relationships, and manage temporary staff effectively.  In addition, students will learn how to work effectively with their supervisor, work well with multiple supervisors, and manage the office when the supervisor is absent. Finally, students will learn to effectively perform basic telephone skills while conveying a positive, professional image. Students will learn to use technology to increase their efficiency. This course stresses the importance of politeness and identifies the service that callers expect over the pho ne. Dealing with difficult calls and complaints is also covered.                                                  
  • Meeting Your Job’s Demands
  • Managing Office Supplies and Equipment
  • Ensuring Communication and Confidentiality
  • Developing Your Soft Skills
  • Enhancing Your Professional Image
  • Overcoming Challenges
  • Handling the Office Environment
  • Keeping a Positive Attitude
  • Maximizing Your Performance
  • Identifying Basic Telephone Skills
  • Beneficial Skills and Technology
  • Physical Space and Resources