Course Overview: This course provides students with the knowledge and skills that they need to support and troubleshoot Windows 10 PCs and devices in a Windows Server domain environment. Students who take this course must have a good understanding of how to configure Windows 10 and its features, and how they can use these features in enterprise environments. This course focuses on troubleshooting issues with Windows 10 devices.
Course Objectives:
Upon completion of this course, students are expected to be able to:
·         Install and Manage Apps
·         Support Remote Access
·         Support Authentication and Data Security
·         Support Hardware and Mobile Devices
·         Manage Updates and Security
Lesson 1: Supporting Operating System and Application Installation
It's important to decide on an effective strategy for installing the Microsoft Windows 10 operating system and applications on PCs and other devices. This lesson covers installation and configuration procedures for the Windows 10 operating system as well as Desktop and cloud apps.  In this lesson, the following topics are covered:
·         Supporting Operating System Installation
·         Supporting Desktop Applications
·         Supporting Windows Store and Cloud Applications
Lesson 2: Supporting Connectivity and Data Storage
To connect Microsoft Windows 10 devices in networked environment, it's important be familiar with networking and security protocols, as well as how to provide support for effective and secure remote access. This lesson provides information about network connectivity and remote access settings. It also discusses considerations relating to data storage. In this lesson, the following topics are covered:
·         Supporting Network Connectivity
·         Supporting Remote Access
·         Supporting Data Storage
Lesson 3: Supporting Authentication, Permissions, and Data Security
To control user access to Microsoft Windows 10 devices and the data they contain, it's essential to select the best authentication and data security mechanisms to meet the organization's requirements. This lesson explains how to configure authentication and permissions, as well as how to secure data on a Windows 10 device. In this lesson, the following topics are covered:
·         Supporting Multi-factor Authentication
·         Supporting Computer and User Authentication
·         Supporting Permissions
·         Supporting Data Security