Medical Administrative Assistant
Certification Track

Medical Administrative Assistants traditionally perform their duties from a prominently located desk, where they can easily interact with patients, staff, pharmaceutical reps, vendors etc. They are responsible for maintaining a calm and efficient reception area they field phone calls, answer patient questions, schedule new  and follow-up appointments, register new patients and updating records.

A medical Administrative Assistant is the liaison between the staff and patients of a healthcare practice. These professionals are charged with coordinating the day-to-day activities of doctors, nurses and patients to ensure a focus on compassionate care delivered on time.

Medical Administrative Assistant Certification Track
Below is a list of the courses you will need to learn in order to take the National Health Association (NHA) Certified Medical Administrative Assistant (CMAA) exam. Included are additional office application and professional development courses that will give you the additional skills needed to enhance your ability to work in a medical office.

Complete Track-              
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Courses Price Hours  Selection
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Medical Terminology Basic $450.00 60 Select
Medical Terminology Advanced $450.00 60 Select
Medical Office Procedure $450.00 60 Select
Medical Coding (Including ICD-10) $450.00 60 Select
Health Insurance Processing $450.00 60 Select
Introduction to Electronic Health Records $450.00 60 Select
Working With Electronic Health Records $450.00 60 Select
Word Basic $150.00    30 Select
Excel Basic $150.00 30 Select
Outlook Basic $150.00 30 Select
Business Grammar Basics $375.00 30 Select
Buisness Writting Basics $375.00 30 Select
Basic Business Math Skills $375.00 30 Select
Customer Service Fundamentals $375.00 30 Select
E-Mail Essentials For Business $375.00 30 Select
Interpersonal Communications $375.00 30 Select
Effective Listening $375.00 30 Select
Certification Core Courses $3,150.00 420 Select
Entire Recommended Track  $6,075.00 720 Select